Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine my size if I'm unsure?

  • I'm an averaged-sized man, and bracelets measure out between 7.5 and 8 inches around.
  • Most necklaces land in the middle of people's chests at about 23 inches.
  • Anklets and waist beads will require some form of knowledge of the measurement that I can work around by using adjustable clasps.
  • Here is a size conversion guide for the metric system to inches..

What is the average turnaround for orders?

  • Please allow for 10-14 days for turnaround, including shipment travel and even longer for specific and larger orders. I'll try my best to get them out as quickly as I can. Sometimes, resources like beads, string and discrete can take extra time to arrive. I'll be sure to contact you with all the details.

What is Regal Style?

  • Regal style┬ámeans that I add more spacers in between the bigger beads. This providers a more majestic look. Here's an example:

What is Deluxe Style?

  • Deluxe Style┬ámeans that I'll use more, rarer, higher quality beads in your jewelry pieces. This includes more hematite, Jade, turquoise, etc. as the base of the jewelry instead of accent it crown beads. Here is an example:

    What size beads are used?

    • Most bracelets use 10mm beads (the black bracelet above is the example).
    • Most anklets use 6 or 8mm beads (the blue anklet above has 6mm).
    • Necklaces can vary based on inventory
    • Waist beads use 4mm 6/0 seed beads.
    • Adjustments can be made upon request.

    How do I let you know of my custom requests?

    • Fill out the customization box where applicable.
    • Also add your comments in the customers note box before checking out. I will get with Shopify about how to get the info from the customization box to me.
    • I will contact you via email regarding your order to double and triple check all sizes, colors and ideas.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at thetillshow@gmail.com. I hope this helps! Thank you for visiting and let's create something together!